December 9, 2020 6:00AM CT

UMMA/UMSA 2020 Trade Show


Supplier Registration








Welcome to Registration for the UMMA Virtual Trade Show!
This platform will give Suppliers the opportunity to highlight their companies and products exclusively for UMMA Builders. You will need to work with your marketing department to ensure the proper content is submitted by the deadline of 11/4/20. Thank you for your continued support of the UMMA mission!

UMMA Trade Show Fees are $465/booth.
Fees include covering the cost of:
1) The virtual trade show platform
2) Printed directory mailed to all UMMA builders in the new year. Each booth purchased includes a full-page ad in the directory (details to come).

Registration Process
There is no up-front fee to register your booth at the Trade Show. You will receive an automatically generated confirmation email from Expo Pass when you register.

This is not a “Live” event. You may register more than one attendee but please note that your booth will not have to be manned during the show hours (12/9/20).
Suppliers will be invoiced the total amount of each booth they requested on the registration form.

All Conference payments should be mailed to:

PO 4806 GS, Springfield, MO 65807.

Please do not combine the Conference payment with your rebate payments.

*** Paije Luth will create your virtual booth and schedule a time to review it with you in November. When you complete this registration form, Paije will send your marketing contact a follow-up email with directions on how to submit marketing materials to her for the purpose of building out your virtual booth(s). You will need to work with your marketing department to ensure the proper content is submitted by the deadline of 11/4/20.

Supplier Registration

Save the Date for these UMMA events:

Tuesday, 12/8/2020

Virtual Welcome Meeting with the UMMA Team

Wednesday, 12/9/2020

UMMA Virtual Trade Show (please register for this event)

Thursday, 12/10/2020

UMMA Member Educational Sessions


Q: How much does the Virtual Trade Show cost to attend?
A: Builders are free, and can have up to 10 people per company attend the Virtual Trade Show!
Suppliers can register online at no cost and will be invoiced after the event for their Virtual Trade Show booth packages.
Q: Who do I contact with questions about booth payment and invoices (suppliers)?
A: Kim Liddycoat –
Q: Who do I contact about my virtual booth set-up (suppliers)?
A: Paije Luth –
Q: Who do I contact if I am having technical problems registering for the Virtual Trade Show?
A: Paije Luth –
Q: What are the game rules and prizes for visiting virtual booths?

A: One week before the event, UMMA will announce via email prizes and game rules to all the builders who register for the Virtual Trade Show.

Q: When is the 2021 Partnership Conference scheduled, so I can save the date?

A: October 11-13, 2021 | New Location: Hilton at the St. Louis Airport

Supplier Registration

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