SouthernCarlson 2023 National Sales Meeting

April 14, 2023 – April 16, 2023 


Message to SouthernCarlson Associates

We look forward to welcoming you to our 2023 National Sales Meeting in the exciting city of Nashville, Tennessee. These three days are very important in the life of SouthernCarlson, and it is our goal to accomplish three things while we are in Nashville:

1. Celebrate our enduring success during this most difficult period of a worldwide pandemic and all the challenges we continue to overcome.

2. Share in the current state of several key initiates at SouthernCarlson and the direction we will go as we look ahead to FY2024 and beyond.

3. To learn, both from our supply partners and from each other. SouthernCarlson is a wonderful company because we have many wonderful people. Together, we are “One Better” organization. We look forward to seeing you and participating in the 2023 National Sales Meeting with you!!


Taka Kato- CEO and The SouthernCarlson Executive Team

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One Better- The 2023 SouthernCarlson National Sales Meeting

The 2023 SouthernCarlson National Sales Meeting is the first face to face national event for the SouthernCarlson Sales Organization in over three years and promises to be the largest and most educational event in the company’s history. With 400 associates and nearly all major vendors in attendance, the event will be a unique opportunity to help everyone understand the direction and vision of the company, equip our organization to maximize their potential, and create enormous momentum as we roll into our next fiscal year. It will truly be a “One Better” event and we look forward to welcoming you to The Music City- Nashville, Tennessee!

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Can I bring a guest?

SouthernCarlson is not paying for any meals, accommodations, or travel arrangements for guests, and you are required to attend all functions of the event, including the social functions. No part of the meeting is open to uninvited guests. 

Do I have to share a room?

We do not anticipate any associates having to share rooms.

What if I want to come in early or stay longer?

SouthernCarlson is only paying for your hotel accommodations and meals during the meeting. Should you desire to arrive early or stay late, you will be responsible for your accommodations and meals outside of the scheduled meeting activities. If you are flying to Nashville, as long as your airfare costs are the same or less than traveling on the Friday through Sunday (4/14/23-4/16/23), SouthernCarlson will pay for your airfare.

Do I need to make my own flight arrangements?

All sales associates will be contacted by our meeting travel agent, Direct Travel, to book your airfare for you.

What is the dress code?

The dress code is business casual throughout the event. Collared shirts must be worn at all times for meeting activities.

What if I do not want to attend?

Please discuss this with your regional manager, but the expectation is that all Sales Associates who are invited to the meeting should attend.

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