3/21/2021 11a-4p

Offbeat Art Wedding Show


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Welcome to Offbeat Art’s first Virtual Wedding Show!

This event is a great way to plan a wedding from the comfort of your home. The vendors will each have a page dedicated to their business. You’ll find videos giving you the experience of walking into a booth, a short commercial with exciting news and specials, and files the vendors would like you to have filled with great information and deals!

During the show, the vendors will be on a live Zoom feed, where you can chat questions to them and see their responses.

This is a great time to get to know each vendor a little better, and you can enjoy the benefits of a wedding show without the overwhelming environment. As you can see, you will have a very similar experience to a physical show, including some extras. The event will have vendor presentations every hour, showcasing content that is helpful for couples, and innovative in the industry.

Another perk of a virtual show, is that you will have access to each vendor’s “booth” starting a day before the event, and through a week after. This is helpful since you’ll be able to “meet” the vendors during the event, and you can remind yourself of who you saw once things have calmed down.


All Access tickets are just $8, and $6 for each guest.

Join us for this new adventure into virtual wedding shows!

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Saturday, March 21




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