January 28 2021 12pm ET

Diverse Charter Schools Coalition – Annual Convening


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DCSC’s Annual Convening brings together leaders from member schools and networks as well as partners from across the nation. Our theme for this year is Interrupting Inequity: Creating anti-racist and liberatory practices at intentionally diverse schools.
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Thursday, Jan 28


12:00pm – 12:25pm



12:30pm – 1:45pm

Breakout Cycle #1


2:30pm – 3:45pm

Breakout Cycle #2


4:00pm – 5:00pm



5:00pm – 5:30pm


Friday, Jan 29


11:30am – 12:00pm

Networking Recess


12:00pm – 1:15pm

Breakout Cycle #3


1:30pm – 2:30pm

DCSC Member Panel


2:30pm – 2:45pm

Member of the Year Award and Closing


Listed on DCSC website and Expopass registration page

How do I register?
    • You will register on the same virtual platform in which you will attend the event — Expopass.
    • After putting in your demographic and organization information you will then select the breakout sessions you want to attend. We recommend reviewing the entire schedule to choose which breakout sessions you wish to attend BEFORE you start the registration process.
    • All breakout sessions will be capped at 20 attendees.
    • Please sign up for only ONE session during each breakout cycle.
What is the registration deadline?
    • Because this year’s Annual Convening is virtual, registration will be open throughout the convening. We encourage you to register as soon as possible as spaces are limited. You will be able to register on either day of the convening dependent on availability.


Can I go back in to update/revise my personal information (e.g. pronouns) or change my session choices?
    • Yes. You will receive a confirmation email after you’ve initially registered. You can return to this email and click “Create Your Session Schedule Click here to register for sessions” to make any changed to your individual schedule.


I deleted my confirmation email! Help!
    • No prob–just email events@diversecharters.org and we’ll re-send it within 24 hours.
What are the differences between each type of breakout session?
    • So glad you asked–we’ve thought long and hard about ensuring that our convening is as engaging and exciting as it always is.
    • Workshops
      • Our workshops are learning opportunities for attendees led by members and key partners. The goal of the workshops is to learn new skills, gain awareness about tools and resources related to leading intentionally diverse school communities.
    • School Visits
      • School visits have always been a cornerstone of the DCSC Convening. This year, we have access to a curated list of member schools across the country. During school visits, attendees will view short clips of virtual school (e.g., a clip of classroom instruction, a PD training, a parent town hall).
    • Affinity Groups
      • We know that leading diverse-by-design schools is a singular experience. However, that experience is not the same for us all. Racial affinity groups are an important approach for our community to build and learn how to interrupt inequity as leaders and individuals. 
How big are the breakout sessions?
    • All non-general sessions are capped at 20. 
    • Please note that ALL WORKSHOPS are offered twice and ALL AFFINITY GROUPS are offered 3 times. 
    • All School Visits are offered once.
How do I log in to the convening on January 28?
    • A few days before the Annual Convening all attendees will receive their own magic link.  This is a unique link assigned to the email address that you used in registration, and should not be forwarded. This link is also attached to your individual schedule with the sessions you selected during registration.
What is RECESS in REMO?
    • Even in a virtual setting, we realize networking is an important aspect of our convening. Remo is a tool that provides a way to network virtually. 
    • All registrants will be invited to log into Remo in the days before the convening. You will set up a profile with your picture, LinkedIn account, role and organization. While creating a Remo account for the Annual Convening is optional, it is strongly encouraged so that you can participate in our networking activities. 
What is the refund policy?
    • A registrant can receive a 100% refund up to December 21, 2020. A registrant can receive a 50% refund up to January 14, 2021. No refunds will be given after January 14, 2021.
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