Onsite Badge Printing

Welcome to our Premium Onsite Badge Printing experience!  This site will help guide you through all the necessary steps needed to ensure you have a successful Check-in process for your upcoming event.

What now?

Start HERE for an understanding on the expecations and requirments for badge printing.


Where do I find information on a Badge Selection Process?

There are several questions that need to be answered before we start worrying about artwork and design: size, sleeves (or not), notches, etc.  Please take 2 minutes to review this article: Premium Onsite Badge Selection Guide

Where do I access the Expo Pass Badge Editor?

You’ll need to log into Expo Pass first (after you’ve set up an account for yourself), and follow the steps noted HERE.

Need some assistance with my Shell Layer and/or the Print Layer?

There are two components that you’ll use to design your badge:

  1. Shell Layer (this is where your artwork is placed).  Shell Layer Help 
  2. Print Layer (this is where your onsite print is designed).  Print Layer Help
How do I form my badge and assign it?

The final step is to “form” your badge with a Shell and a Print Layer and then assign that badge as appropriate.  Please review this HELP article for all the details of this process.

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